Be With Bee Podcast

Farewell 2021

December 19, 2021 Bianca Wakelin Season 3 Episode 30
Be With Bee Podcast
Farewell 2021
Show Notes

"Farewell 2021" 

No lifestyle sharing with this episode #30 instead I am saying farewell to 2021 & wishing you a Merry Christmas whilst saying thank you to those who tuned into let's be honest  the few and far episodes this year but still stuck around. 

I am also sharing what I am taking away from this year & what I am  bringing into the new year which hopefully will be even more CHANGE making sure I am stepping into the 2022 being OPEN, possibly this may inspire you also. 

But next year all the same lifestyle topics are still sticking around alongside what I am hoping will be more and not as few and far episodes with so many life journeys being shared! 

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