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The Big 40!

October 08, 2021 Bianca Wakelin
Be With Bee Podcast
The Big 40!
Show Notes

"The Big 40!"

Why hello & welcome to today’s BIG 40 episode, it’s actually ep# 29 but the BIG 40 is a milestone birthday I celebrated last month in September. Yep it’s offical I have quiet possibly hit the mid way mark of my life.  Season 3 episode #29 life style  topics on the episode  agenda today are the following; 

  • Dine & Drink with Bee- Sharing some chilean South American culture. In this current lockdown I wanted to learn something that I could potentially start as a tradition . Finally i gave it a shot on how to make home made Empanadas, Pebre & Chilean red wine as  I share the love behind making them, the process and why. Recipe credit going to @chileanfoodandgarden
  • Homes with Bee - Continuing the @wynola_boomearng story with the paint journey. The challenges, as it was the most challenging, the colours, the who, and more. 
  • Books with Bee - Sharing what book I just completed which was  #teawithjules (@julessebastion) alongside new book purchases @emmaisaacs trilogy &  @kateritchie beautiful children's books plus my current read Miss-Connections by @drjustincoulson . But in this episode it's the focus on a past book I read on the trip around Auz  called #untamed by @glennondoyle that I dig in and share snippets, thoughts and heart string chords. 
  • Travel with Bee -  CLUNK…yep the CAR havoc that occurred on the road in Esperance WA sharing how it all went down and what happened…expected the UNEXPECTED when travelling that’s for sure! 

Ending the episode with 

Q&A with Bee- "Do you believe you are born with people skills and do you think you can teach to be a people person" Wow what a question I was asked last month during a webinar. Thanks @RyanSouth what a top question. 

Another jammed packed lifestyle loving episode that I share with you today where my heart at the moment fills FULL of  turning the big 40 filled with love, laughter and light…life is good…life is adventure and I am ready for all of it!

Again many thanks for listening in & I would be so humbled if you wish to connect further either by reaching out the following ways; 

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