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Tracey Dimech Part 2

September 07, 2021 Bianca Wakelin Season 3 Episode 28
Be With Bee Podcast
Tracey Dimech Part 2
Show Notes

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This #bewithbeepodcast episode is the second part to a guest connection share who I believe to be the spiritual alignment QUEEN Mrs Tracey Dimech 👸🏼
{Oh & of course the most amazing medium!}

Now this last part picks up from a question I asked if she was writing another book?  We also cover more lifestyle chatting with who we are &  talk about Tracey’s Turns out network with not one but three podcasts and how they came about. 

It was also a total blessing with this guest connection as  Tracey allowed space to open up her mediumship side sharing her vulnerable journey, the in’s of her connection with spirit and it was so amazing as she answered  questions yes not one question but three of them from a Be with Bee podcast follower. 

It was  about her beautiful late mother who has now passed  and YES spirit came to give a visit….candle flickers in the room with me…FYI was a little spooked but the outcome was really special. 

Ending the guest connection with  my cheeky game I play with guests called  "truth or dare" but now also "secret share!" All i am going to say is that it blew my mind away with how this game share turned WOW! 

Details about Tracey Dimech;

Meet Tracey Dimech (@traceydimech)  the author of the book "Who the F*uck am I?" & podcast creator of the Turns out network

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