Be With Bee Podcast

Tracey Dimech Part 1

August 30, 2021 Season 3 Episode 27
Be With Bee Podcast
Tracey Dimech Part 1
Show Notes

This #bewithbeepodcast episode is a guest connection share who I believe to be the spiritual alignment QUEEN 👸🏼
{Oh & of course the most amazing medium!}

Meet Tracey Dimech (@traceydimech)  the author of the book "Who the F*uck am I?" & podcast creator of the Turns out network (which has three podcasts see below)  she is oh so much more than your average medium that's for sure. 

This guest connection is raw & honest alongside lots of laughing of course talking all things about lifestyle, connection, sprit, universe, books  who the fuck we are yes we talk about her book and so much more! I think we even established that Tracey if a food would be a potato! 

Oh yes it’s jammed packed  hat it is in two parts this is the first part and second  part will be published not long after so stay tuned. 

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