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Bee's Back!

August 18, 2021 Season 3 Episode 26
Be With Bee Podcast
Bee's Back!
Show Notes


They say that change is as good as a holiday but for myself it  has been the other way around but now I am back with Season 3 episode #26 life style  topics on the episode  agenda today are the following; 

  • Homes with Bee - Continuing the @wynola_boomearng story with the roof as now it feels energetically the right time to share this part of of journey. 
  • Travel with Bee - Picking up the travel journey where it was left off last episode  which was the start of WA and first stop was the jaw dropping #Esperancewa  
  • Business with Bee -I am going back to the very start even before my business journey as these are vital stepping stones leading up to the hell of an adventure ride within the biz journey. 
  • Books with Bee - "Who the fuck am I"  by @traceydimech a book that allowed me to banishing my ego, stopping all self sabotage and instead started to create living  a more authentic  aligned life 
  • Style with Bee - Sharing  lock down style mood changer & my first and only online purchase made so far plus other wish list's but I am trying to change my mindset around on line buying that may or may not surprise you! 

Ending the episode with 

Q&A with Bee- Yes this is still apart of the be with bee podcast.  I am answering a question I got asked by lovely Rachelle (@rachelle.robertson.07) asking the following “ Hey bee we are are considering to travel next year 2022 around Auz what advise, tips, websites, books and anything you can share that we should know about before we hit the road” as you can appreciate a BIG jammed packed answer I am going to provide Rachell” 

Hell yes this a jammed packed MASSIVE first episode back now remember you can go to which ever life style story sharing that connects or resonates with you hopefully it all does  and if it does take your time with tuning maybe listen to a life style area a day?

Again many thanks for listening in & I would be so humbled if you wish to connect further either by reaching out the following ways; 

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