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Wynola Windows

April 26, 2021 Season 2 Episode 25
Be With Bee Podcast
Wynola Windows
Show Notes

In today’s episode

 “Wynola  Windows” in this episode I am sharing all about our beautiful character filled stained glass windows we have @wynola_boomearng. Not only will I share the finer details of the windows with how & what with replacing and selecting plus finer details I will also share the major first cock up I did  yep my first reno restore rookie lesson was with windows!  

Also in this episode I am sharing 

  • Where the bloody hell am I? 

Yep it's been a while  so going back to share the end journey of SA with some special spots followed by van life lessons around the letter S which is actually a lot it. Covers sleep, space, schooling, shit,  sex & scratching oh hell yes I said SEX & SHIT! It’s a juicy one with I hope will make you laugh 

  • Be with Bee Q&A 

I am answering a question asked by @turner_meagan she asks “Do you like your @titaniumcaravans dessert storm & how is the styling inside?" from a post I did a while back on @uniquestays_auz page. Here I will I share what we do, why, how it's set up, what it's in it plus the style with the interior. 

So buckle in lots of stories are about to be shared and told....

Episodes to follow include 

  • All the changes we did do to @wynola_boomearng which inc structure, replace, restore, why and more1 
  • The new roof  @wynola_boomearng who & what of replacing the roof. 
  • Of course more inside scope of the restoration journey and giving life back to @wynola_boomerang  bit by bit 
  • Plus guest interviews with connections made along  the way with @wynola_boomerang  journey way or in my world. 

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