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Wynola Dream Team

February 17, 2021 Season 2 Episode 23
Be With Bee Podcast
Wynola Dream Team
Show Notes

In today’s episode 

 “Wynola Dream Team” I introduce you to who was the who with the restoration of Wynola yes meet some of the team. Now if I forgot to mention anyone I am really super sorry but I am sure I will mention you again later down the episode Wynola track. 

 alongside sharing some adjusting transition lessons with Where the bloody hell am I which also felt like the Amazing race with COVID hitting VIC oh my goodness. I am also sharing a question that was asked about my coaching and mentor days yes more getting to know me your podcast host Bee! So buckle in to today’s episode! 

Also in this episode I am sharing 

  • Where the bloody hell am I? 

Which is now in South Australia but getting here felt like the amazing race with COVID hitting! I also share the lesson i am learning at the moment about change, transition and adjusting to life in a van with the fam. 

  • Be with Bee Q&A 

I am answering in this episode a personal question asked by Simone from @soulhomeaus she asks “Tell me about being a coach/mentor your natural"  not sure about a natural but I share how this became apart of my world and inside scoop how it also triggered some pretty big stuff for me. 

So buckle in lots of stories are about to be shared and told....

Episodes to follow include 

  • That first walk through @wynola_boomearng with Shane aka Roser our main guy for the restoration here the plan of attack and the idea's that were bubbling for the home. 
  • Of course more inside scope of the restoration journey and giving life back to @wynola_boomerang  bit by bit 
  • Plus guest interviews with connections made along  the way with @wynola_boomerang  journey way or in my world. 

Again many thanks for listening in & I would be so humbled if you wish to connect further either by reaching out the following ways; 

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