Be With Bee Podcast

Cutting Back Wynola

February 04, 2021 Bianca Wakelin Season 2 Episode 22
Be With Bee Podcast
Cutting Back Wynola
Show Notes

In today’s episode 

 “Cutting back Wynola” I am sharing the very first moment tools were touched with the Wynola restorations but it ain’t to make her look pretty it’s to make sure she fits within the property boundary OMG! I then start talking about thinking of WHO we were looking for our dream team moving forward.  

Also in this episode you will notice an ever so slightly different sound and feel from here on with the Be with Bee podcast.  It's a little more structured and has three area's of topic such as 

1) Where the bloody hell am I? 
Yes I am going to give you updates and shares with where the bloody hell am I with this once in a life time opportunity of van life around Auz with my fam bam. I will share high’s, low’s, the real, the funny, the ugly, the amazing and all that’s in between

2) Be with Bee Q&A 
Here I am answering your questions that you may have on ANY topic be it about the homes, business, van life or personally I am sharing me Bee with you so ask away I am not shy trust me. 

Then finally followed by 

3) Home journey story share
This has already been happening which currently I have been sharing the home journey story share about @wynola_boomearng  our 1920’s Queenslander that we transported @mackayandsons from Brissy all the way into NSW boarders landing at Boomerang Beach to now sharing the whole restoration transformation. Once this story has been shared many more home journeys will be shared in this area followed by @bigwednesday_crescenthead , @ice3_thredbo and our latest completed build @lefts_northavoca 

We also hope to share episodes that include 

  • Talking about and meeting majority of the team that worked on  @wynola_boomearng making it a collaborative home journey
  • Of course more inside scope of the restoration journey and giving life back to @wynola_boomerang  
  • Plus guest interviews with connections made along  the way with @wynola_boomerang  journey way or in my world. 

Again many thanks for listening in & I would be so humbled if you wish to connect further either by reaching out the following ways; 

  • Following over @bewithbee_consult_ podcast 
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  • Reach out send a message, review or rate on Apple, direct message over on instagram or email about the podcast or ask a question happy to answer DON'T BE SHY!