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What now Holy cow!

January 11, 2021 Bianca Wakelin Season 2 Episode 21
Be With Bee Podcast
What now Holy cow!
Show Notes

In today’s episode

I am back on to sharing the @wynola_boomerang  story where it left off back @ epidose #16 "Wow we did it" which was where Glen and I shared our recollection of the week of @wynola_boomerang landing & putting her all back together.

Now Mckay & Sons have driven off and left back to Brissy & @wynola_boomearng is standing it's in new found home but the list of what to do next is so super long! The feeling of nerves is beyond & we face our very first huge CHALLENGE that we are faced with and not one tool or trade has been even touched! 

Yep sharing all of the emotions, highs, lows, stuff up's and more so sit back enjoy as this story is about to shared and told...

Episodes to follow include 

  • How we had to cut the front of @wynola_boomearng first MAJOR hurdle! 
  • Of course more inside scope of the restoration journey and giving life back to @wynola_boomerang  
  • Plus guest interviews with connections made along  the way the @wynola_boomerang  journey way or in my world. 

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