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Who is Simone Mathews

December 11, 2020 Bianca Wakelin Season 1 Episode 19
Be With Bee Podcast
Who is Simone Mathews
Show Notes

In today’s episode “ Who is Simone Matthews ”  I am  sharing an interview that was recorded back in October this year. I love this interview so much as it’s just  not about the amazing home creations with  @thepauseaus and the recent successful sale of  @soulofgerringong oh and not to forget @soulhomeaus her place for HPO's (*Holiday Property Owner)  but it’s an interview full of  insight and story sharing that shines such truth  but yet venerability   from who Simone really is.  This interview went to a place of strong connection  because I dig deep in my questions allowing you & I  to really get to know WHO is Simone Matthews not just as the designer stylist or property holiday home owner but as a human, a person, a women that stands out in this thing we do called life. 

Now this interview is FULL of the deep good stuff about Simone as we delve into talking all things 

* Holiday vibes not as a holiday home owner but as a guest as she shares her ultimate fav spots of course both spots starting with the letter "B" 

* We of course talk about Simone’s take and experience of two of our homes @wynola_boomerang and she has also stayed at @bigwednesday_ crescenthead 

* Then we go into those true build feelings and the difference the and Soul had and have alongside of course energy & homes how that plays a role. 

* I also ask her what challenged her the most during her build process but not a stylist but personally as a human being and she shares the place of letting go of perfectionism. 

* Of course I had to ask and delve into building alongside hubby and any on site battles could not help myself right! 

*But yes I had to get Simone to share some hot building tips which covers about two area’s “feelings” & “measure” 

* The interview ends with beautiful venerability as she shares the hard sad ending that occurred at the pause with a huge loss of someone close that really shows that homes are not just a building project site, it is a place of true human emotion that has a heart beat and I know that would of been hard for Simone to share but she did so thank you for sharing. 

* Oh and of course how could I not end it also with a truth or dare game where she chose to share her daring story that occurred overseas in turkey.

So tune in this one is a goodie and if you wish to view more about Simone below is all her links

HPO Online Course-
The Pause build online series-
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There is ONE LAST episodes for the end of 2020 I will be sharing 

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  • Answering any questions that have been asked since I have launched the podcast 
  • Plus what's in store for the #bewithbeepodcast in 2021! 

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