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Meet Shannon Cotterill

December 04, 2020 Episode 18
Be With Bee Podcast
Meet Shannon Cotterill
Show Notes

In today’s episode “Meeting Shannon Cotterill” I sit in my office @lefts_northavoca with the creative mystical universal person I have ever meet  Shannon Cotterill who not only has been with me every step with the homes but has also provided the homes with her amazing pottery pieces from @ashamoondesign and her fine art photography @shannoncotterill_photography 

I am super blessed to not only know her but she is a dear friend of mine so this interview  was so much we even popped a bottle champagne and enjoyed having a drink together  whilst doing recording we seriously laughed so much! 

In this interview we talk about her experience she had herself  with @wynola_boomerang  and let me just say she shares a rare unique story that I did not know even happened during one of her stays which blew my mind! 

We also talked all things behind the scenes with her creative soul especially  her master piece above the fire place @wynola_boomerang called "Mother Nature" a rare aboriginal journey story to tell about the women in that photo called Donella Waters  that gave me massive gose bumps. 

There is so much jammed pack in this interview we even end it ny me asking a truth a or dare question that Shannon shares a strange shower story with her hubby…too good not to miss so let’s get into meeting Shannon Cotterill. 

Episodes to follow as there is only 2 more to go for the end of 2020 include 

  • Another interview this time with the amazing Simone Matthews from @soulhomeaus creator of @soulofgerrigong & the latest holiday home @thepauseaus  we talk about how our worlds collided and meet which is all thanks to Wynola but we also talk all things holiday home worlds, how we see, how it works plus more!  
  • Lastly the last episode of the year for 2020 before we have a break with our Summer holiday break which is a wrap of the year and what's in store with 2021 

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