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November 27, 2020 Bianca Wakelin Episode 17
Be With Bee Podcast
Be with Bee Consulting
Show Notes

In today’s episode “Be with Bee Consulting” I am taking a  small pause with sharing the @wynola_boomearng story as I want to share some exciting (but I am also nervous) news   about what’s new with the world of be with bee and from the episode title Be with Bee consulting I think you can gather what this episode is going to be all about?

Yes its a Be with Bee consulting services coming your way for 2021!

Below is link for information about what I will be providing for my consulting services


I also want to do a huge shout out THANK YOU to @traceydimech for being my aligment guru by guiding me to to not just bring Be with Bee conuslting to life but to it's worthiness and teaching me that it was time to "show up"

Another huge THANK YOU goes out to @beachfront_southwestrocks for allowing me to be your consultant and for you to be my first offical client with helping you with the start up of your new holiday home I look forward to the future growth and working with you guys even more!! Side note peeps be sure to check them out and follow add to your vacay bucket list! 

Episodes to follow as there is only 3 more to go for the end of 2020 include 

  • Interview with @ashamoondesgins my creative cleaver dear friend that was with me the week of Wynola being put all back together again, plus we talk all things pottery & fine photography art that I have in the homes. 
  • Followed by another interview with Simone from @soulhomeaus creator of @soulofgerrigong & the latest holiday home @thepauseaus  we talk about how our worlds collided and meet which is all thanks to Wynola but we also talk all things holiday home worlds, how we see, how it works plus more!  
  • Lastly the last episode of the year for 2020 before we have a break with our Summer holiday break which is a wrap of the year and what's in store with 2021 

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PPS; Remember also to check out the holiday home website possibly to seek your next unique stay at one of my holiday homes would love to connect with you by&