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Wow we did it!

November 12, 2020 Bianca Wakelin Episode 16
Be With Bee Podcast
Wow we did it!
Show Notes

In today’s episode “Wow we did it” I am continuing sharing the story of  the week of the @wynola_boomerang  but now  it’s mine and Glens turn talking about that rollercaoster of a week we had. 

Now listening back to Glen and I’s chat I can say we really  have some light hearted moments and then some serious tones that really is capturing us  in the moment as we relive the week of wynola let’s just say no editing done here all but real and we say it how it really is…. 

Moments relived that stand out are 

  • One of the workers asleep under the home 
  • Wynola left half way out on the road 
  • The worry of the community and what they thought
  • How amazing the process was with Mc Kay & Sons and their trucks 
  • Glen being filmed down the beach looking like He-Man lol 
  • Plus a Thank you tribute at the end 

High's and lows it has it all this episode! 

Below is a link to some of them outback trucker show not all the episode but a good snap shot of it

Episodes to follow include 

PLUS a side note extra episode of announcing something NEW with the Be with Bee journey that I can not wait to share! I am excited, I am scared, I am mixed bag of emotions of what I am going to sharing in this episode a MUST not to MISS! 

I hope to also share interviews with so many peeps that crossed my path during the @wynola_boomerang journey such as 

Also along side interviews with other crazy kick ass connections that I have been made due to Wynola which are  

  • Simone Matthews creator / owner of @soulofgerrigong & @soulhomeaus courses for Holiday home property owners a connection created when I first launched Wynola 
  • Kara the winner of the 2014 block (@KyalandKara) someone who I absolutely adore and feel much inspiration from her builds and we have much synergy that we will share. 

There is many more connections & stories to share the list just keeps going! 

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