Be With Bee Podcast

Caravaning with the Wakelins

September 25, 2020 Bianca Wakelin Episode 14
Be With Bee Podcast
Caravaning with the Wakelins
Show Notes

In today’s episode “ Caravaning with the Wakelins”  . I am diverting the Wynola story for a moment by sharing the journey of our first offical mini week vacay destination #tamworthnsw staying at three stops being Lake Glenbawn, lake keep it and finally the little fossicking  town called Nundle. I also share the honest truth about what I am learning so far travelling with my family in caravan and the first one being topic of caravan conversation “about pooing in the caravan” ahh to funny enjoy the caravan podcast ride…

Episodes to follow include 

  • Continuing the super intense emotional arrival of @wynola_boomerang that was a week whole long putting her back together again
  • The journey of restoring and giving life back into @wynola_boomerang  
  • The connections made and introducing the people I meet and used for @wynola_boomerang  

I hope to also share interviews with so many peeps that crossed my path during the Wynola journey such as 

Also along side interviews with other crazy kick ass connections that I have been made due to Wynola which are  

  • Simone Matthews creator / owner of @soulofgerrigong & @soulhomeaus courses for Holiday home property owners a connection created when I first launched Wynola 
  • Kara the winner of the 2014 block (@KyalandKara) someone who I absolutely adore and feel much inspiration from her builds and we have much synergy that we will share. 

There is many more connections & stories to share the list just keeps going! 

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