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ALDI you have wine!

July 24, 2022 Bianca Wakelin Season 5 Episode 38
Be With Bee Podcast
ALDI you have wine!
Show Notes

This episode is a Dine & Drink with Bee as I am taste testing wine from ALDI here is how it rolls; 

  • I share 3 wines, 2 white and 1 one red alongside a little paring with the best food
  • I share the ones I liked and the ones not so much 
  • I then share other's who recommended there go to's when selecting from the ALDI liquor section 

So sit back tune in and enjoy today's short and sweet 20min episode  lifestyle share with me Bee, hopefully it will entice your wine taste buds. 

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  • Following over @bewithbee_lifestyle_podcast
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