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Capturing Trace

June 29, 2022 Bianca Wakelin Season 5 Episode 37
Be With Bee Podcast
Capturing Trace
Show Notes

“Sunshine & Daffodils” Is how I see Trace 🌼

New Episode #37 is a guest connection “Capturing Trace” from @dawnandfolk is now available link in bio. 

Here is what we captured during this connection; 

  • Her recent many moves and becoming a local to the Central Coast 
  • How she has gone through her life with ebb & flow falling into where she needs to be at that current time 
  • Being a young girl growing up with religion 
  • Family, what works & boundaries

And of course we also capture her being behind the lens with; 

We laughed, we shared, we cared during this episode so please sit back tune in and enjoy today's guest connection with me Bee & the #bewithbeepodcast 

 PS. Will be up on YouTube to also watch shortly so watch out for it. 

Again many thanks & I would be so humbled if you wish to connect further either by reaching out the following ways; 

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