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Jealousy & Judgement

April 28, 2022 Bianca Wakelin Season 4 Episode 35
Be With Bee Podcast
Jealousy & Judgement
Show Notes

"How do you deal with Jealousy Bee?" A questioned I got asked last year that over many months I have given much thought about, dug deep on and now getting personal by sharing my own journey around this which involves the following; 

➕Knowing that jealousy is just a form of judgement hence why I share heavily about judgement also in this topic that lead to 

➕ Picking back up the book and re-reading  the #judgementdetox by @gabbyberinstien 

➕ Sharing all my highs, lows, lessons and loves with jealousy and judgement 

So sit back tune in and enjoy today's lifestyle share with me Bee xxx

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