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Hello beautiful Sahra Bull

March 31, 2022 Bianca Wakelin Season 4 Episode 34
Be With Bee Podcast
Hello beautiful Sahra Bull
Show Notes

Say hello to the shy but ever so bold and brave creative soul  @Sahrabull 
Sahra is has an array of artistic flair with colour through not only canvas work right now but back were it started with being a make up artist which lead to her travelling the world as a highly recognised amazing talent with body painting! 
She also has collaborated with oracle deck work with 
alongside plenty of mural work that me myself has collaborated with her  @lefts_northavoca. Yes she is one very cleaver creative lady. 

I jump into this guest connection carefully bringing her out of her shell by her sharing her story, her challenges as a child with dyslexia that lead into her creative world through to sharing her most daring body paint experience EVER that involves yes a body part that moved which caused that "whoops" awkward  moment! 

So please sit back tune in and enjoy today's lifestyle share with me Bee xxx

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