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Bianca Wakelin

Hi I am Bee!I am dedicated in sharing not only my lifestyle adventure stories but also sharing connections with other people's that have crossed my path.I cover all lifestyle adventure sharing & connecting talking about; Homes➕Travel➕Biz➕Books➕Style➕ Dine&Drink ➕Creators➕ Spiritual ➕ Relationships And oh so much more! Because I know & I want to make sure you know that true lifestyle connecting is not just about one lifestyle area it's about making sure we attempt to LIVE what I hope is the biggest and possibly the longest adventure we all do which is called LIFE. So tune into the Be with Bee podcast! I also would love it for you to make a connection with me via email [email protected] leaving a review or let me know how any of the episodes make a lifestyle connection with you! Ask a question I am happy to answer or get it answered in the podcast for you Or you wanting to connect by being a guest on the podcast Reach out! 

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